Lake Stevens Lacrosse. Learn more about playing the fastest game on two feet.


Meet Offensive Coordinator – Brian McCarson

Coach Brian

Brian McCarson started playing lacrosse in 2009 when he joined Brunswick Lacrosse back in Brunswick, Ohio where he went to High School. Brunswick High School Lacrosse started as a club team when he joined and became a school sport by time he graduated. Before Lacrosse Briangrew up playing Hockey and Soccer. When he moved to Brunswick, Ohio…

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Meet the Varsity Head Coach – Jesse Wolfe

Jesse Wolfe got started in the sport of Lacrosse in 2005 when he joined the Snohomish Lacrosse Club in his Sophomore year of High School. Quickly finding a passion for the sport, he accelerated to 2nd line midfield before transitioning to the position of goalie. “For me, Lacrosse had everything. Speed, physical play, and finesse”…

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